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The Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame was formed for the purpose of bestowing recognition to those involved in and with the traditional Martial Arts, who have shown outstanding dedication, contributions and excellence. In particular we are speaking of those individuals who unselfishly promote the growth and prestige of Seishin Ryu and other authentic and Traditional Asian Martial Arts. Although SRMAA ~ Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association was established early on, SRMAAHOF ~ Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame, was established in 2005. There is several other “Hall of Fame,” organizations (programs), which appear to be dedicated to the sportsman or competitor. The SRMAAHOF is dedicated to all involved and supporting the “Traditional Asian Martial Arts,” instructors, supporters, outstanding achievements, and lifetime dedication.

Purpose and Objectives


The SRMAAHOF has several goals and objectives, all being of the utmost importance: Recognize and maintain Traditional, professional and ethical standards in the martial arts. Work with and assist world wide organizations of the martial arts. Enrich and empower the youth of the world. Promote interest in the Traditional martial arts, through a high level of training and competition. **See that all have excellent roll models by recognizing and rewarding those who have made significant contributions to the world through the Traditional Martial Arts.



Nominations should be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee Board of SRMAAHOF in formal written form. Nomination Forms: Ensure that all sections are completed and all forms are signed and dated. Be sure to indicate the “Selection Category.” E-Mail SRMAAHOF for forms: Soshu@seishinryu.com History/Resume: prepared by nominee and to be used for awards booklet ~ provide general life, community and martial arts history. You may want to send supportive information, testimonials, copies of awards, news clippings and additional documentation. Promotional History: Listing of dates, certificate number, authority, examiners and styles. Certified Copies of Highest Rank certificate: To be certified by nominee for each style. Photographs: one (minimum size 5”X7”) color photograph. One portrait style or action. Deadlines: Submit prior to the Jan. 30th of each year.

Selection Criteria


The SRMAAHOF gives recognition to individual contributions to the Traditional Asian Martial Arts. Nominees who meet stringent standards and comprehensive evaluation by the Executive Committee Board of Directors will be selected as SRMAAHOF Members based on the following criteria; Years of study, Ability and proficiency, Dedication as an Instructor, Character and integrity, Contribution to the Traditional Asian Martial Arts. PLEASE NOTE: You may not nominate yourself. The inductee must be considered in one or more of the following categories.



Awarded posthumously to a martial artist who excelled in their art but not honored in their lifetime (in the SRMAAHOF).

Lifetime Achievement


Similar to the Martial Artist of the year but generally awarded to people with over 20 years contribution to the growth of the Asian martial arts.

Outstanding Instructor


Who dedicated a minimum of 20 years to teaching their art, it’s growth and the high standard’s and ethic’s of Traditional Asian Martial Arts.

Martial Artist of the Year


A well rounded Martial Artist with a high level of skill and proven teaching capabilities. Someone who makes a contribution to the community and follows the principles of the martial Asian arts in their life.

Martial Arts Competitor of the year


a person who has received recognition through competition of their art either randori (Judo, Aikido free sparring), kumite ( Karate free sparring) or kata (Judo, Karate formal exercise form) during the past year.

Executive Board


The Executive Committee Board SRMAAHOF will be made up of SRMAA and SRMAAHOF members in good standing at the rank of fourth Dan and above.

Inductees to Date


Master Gichin Funakoshi



Master Mas Oyama



Master Robert Trias



Sensei Charles Gruzanski



Master Veronica L. Perry



Sensei Craig Woelber